Our Love Story – Peadar and Margarita

Peadar and Margarita’s own love story began in1994, when they met at a wedding in New Orleans that Rev. Peadar was officiating. Margarita was living in the Bay Area and was a guest at the wedding on behalf of the Bride. After many visits, and conversations, and real handwritten letters, they developed their friendship and love. A few years later Peadar moved out to California to join Margarita. Rev. Peadar proposed marriage on the Wolfe Tone Bridge in Galway, Ireland, September 23,1999. They married September 23, 2000, witnessed by a loving community gathered from all over the country and Ireland. They both hold dual citizenship of USA and Ireland, Peadar’s birthplace.

In late 2001, they found a new home in Sonoma, California. Margarita was a seasoned corporate marketer and event planner and began focusing on wedding planning. It was evident that Peadar wished to continue his ecumenical ministry and gift of capturing the specialness of a sacred occasion in a profoundly articulate manner. Together they dreamed Your Ceremony Matters based on the honor and respect they have for the sanctity of their own experience with their wedding ceremony and newly wedded life. They firmly believe that the longest journey inwardly is the experience of having one person in your life, as your wife, your husband, that can know you from the inside out.

Almost sixteen years later, they continue to repeatedly learn from each other and their couples, as to the dynamics involved in an emotionally healthy, intimate marriage.

Together, they offer couples their incomparable services and availability to their couples with their creativity and expertise in co-creating inspiring and unique ceremonies. Your Ceremony Matters brings Peadar’s intuition, gift and enthusiasm for officiating wedding ceremonies, and Margarita’s talent for writing, interest in poetry and cultural traditions that contribute to formulating the ceremony. Not to mention her eye on every detail. They collaborate on ideas and options for keeping each ceremony personal and inspirational.

Since 2001, the response to their business has been delightfully overwhelming. Your Ceremony Matters (YCM) has grown by reputation and referrals from hundreds of happy couples, wedding planners, on site wedding event personnel, photographers, videographers, caterers, music professionals, website and social media.

The Story of the Claddagh Ring

The Claddagh Ring belongs to a widespread group of finger rings called Fede or “Faith rings” which date from Roman times. They are distinguished by having the bezel cut or cast in the form of two clasped hands, symbolizing faith, trust or “plighted troth”. Fede rings were popular in the Middle Ages throughout Europe. “Claddagh” ring is a particularly distinctive ring; two hands clasp a heart surmounted by a crown. The ring worn on the right hand, crown turned inward tells your heart is yet unoccupied, worn with the crown turned outwards reveals love is being considered. Worn on the left hand the crown turned outward shows all, your heart is truly spoken for.