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Thank you both so much for the ceremony you helped us create. The Reverend was incredible. We were both extremely happy with everything, from the opening welcome to the Irish blessing- it was perfect. Both of our families were overwhelmed by the beauty and power of the ceremony. They truly loved being able to bless the rings and participate- that was a great touch and thank you for including Jackie’s grandparents in the ring blessing as well. I can’t even count how many people told us how much they enjoyed the ceremony and the Reverend, suffice it to say, he was impressive. We have been singing both of your praises since our wedding, and if we ever know anyone getting married in the Napa area or greater Bay Area we will be sure to point them your way. Lastly, we would be remiss if we did not mention, Margarita, that we especially appreciate your help with planning our ceremony.
Jackie and Scott, Married at Solage
“Wow! There are so many things to thank you for. The first that comes to mind is how good of a listener you are. We are thankful for your exquisite ability to capture, after meeting us only twice, the intricacies of our lives, families and friends. You made everyone feel welcome. We will always be grateful for how you joined our spiritual lives, our families, & ourselves. Our wedding would not have been the same without your graceful presence. We could not have asked for a better celebration & a better officiant. Our guests continue to remark on the charm, wit, warmth, & magic you brought to our special day. While we have only known you a brief time, you have made an indelible mark on our lives, now & forever. We have been blessed by your being.”
Francie and Rob Hammer, Married at Auberge du Soleil
“Mike and I would like to thank you for making our wedding ceremony so touching, spiritual & intimate. All of our guests said that they had never experienced such a beautiful ceremony. You made it special not just for us but also our guests, who all felt touched by sharing it with us. Many guests also commented that they thought you were a long time family friend & how well you seemed to know us- your personal touch was much appreciated. The ceremony truly had an impact on everyone present. We are most grateful to you for your advice & counsel regarding the structuring & content of the ceremony, your inclusive approach & the warmth that you conveyed to all.”
Juno and Mike Senft, Married at Auberge du Soleil
“We received your phone message yesterday, & once again were reminded what a beautiful ceremony you performed. We feel so lucky that you were the one to marry us. We appreciate that you spent so much time getting to know us & felt comfortable talking to you. The ceremony you performed was so personalized, & incredibly special to us. It was an emotional event for both of us. Our vows could not have been more perfect. The meaningful verses you quoted & your words are still remembered, & will be heartfelt memories for always. We can’t thank you enough.”
Nancy and Sal Ayala, Married at Madrona Manor
Thank you so much for creating a lovely ceremony and marrying us at Auberge. You did an amazing job and we received so many compliments from everyone about how much they enjoyed the ceremony. It was a delight to work with you and thank you making our ceremony so memorable.
Sherry & Robert, Auberge du Soleil, Napa
We wanted to thank you for being such a huge part of our perfect wedding day. Thank you for your time, advice, and support during our wedding journey. Having you stand with us on our wedding is something we will never forget.
Kevin & Alana, Sebastiani Winery, Sonoma
Dear Rev. Dalton,

As memories of those truly glorious moments swirl through my mind, I cannot imagine a more perfect ceremony. You were genuinely delighted to be joining us in matrimony, and your joy shone through in every word you spoke. You had a very natural, easy way about you that created a comfortable, lighthearted atmosphere while simultaneously having a deep respect for the gravity of the life-altering moment that was upon us. We laughed, we cried, we loved intensely-what could be better? Thank you for blessing us with your gift, our memories will forever be more wonderful because you are in them.

Emily & Cameron, Auberge du Soleil, Napa
Now that things have settled down from the wedding festivities, we wanted to once again thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being such an important part of our big day! We could not have asked you for a more beautiful ceremony. Your lovely words and counsel will stick with us forever as we begin our lives together.
Leslie & Adam, Jacuzzi Winery, Sonoma
It was wonderful to have Reverend Dalton officiate our wedding in Rutherford. He made us feel at ease during the ceremony planning process and took time to get to know our individual histories. Reverend Dalton incorporated our chosen readings and unity candle seamlessly. His warmth and kindness made the ceremony very special and brought tears to everyone’s eyes. It was easy to work with Reverend Dalton and his wife Margarita. They were responsive and helpful, checking in with us before and after our wedding and answering any questions we had. We are very grateful to Reverend Dalton and would highly recommend him to any couple looking for a caring, personable wedding officiant
Jennifer and Truong, Feburary 2016
“Please accept our sincere gratitude for the beautiful way you conducted our wedding ceremony. We couldn’t have asked for a more appropriate person for that position. It is a privilege to meet someone who has heard & answered their calling with such eloquence. We were hoping to have a small intimate ceremony that made our guests feel included & important. With your help, we truly succeeded. Our guests were in tears & thanked us for including them in our special day. You noticed & mentioned all of the details that made our wedding personal & unique. We feel so bless to have shared our day with you. One would have thought you’d known us for years. We couldn’t be happier with your services & hope our paths cross again”
Maggie and Kenn Kaye, Married at The Lodge of Sonoma
“No words are adequate to express the depth of our appreciation for the kind, thoughtful, & heartfelt manner in which you helped us plan & prepare for our ceremony. We feel that you deeply cared about us personally, about our families & guests & about the success of our future together. So much of the tremendous emotion of that afternoon depended on your participation, direction & acceptance of us & our commitment. Clearly, our ceremony truly mattered. We really appreciate having met such a wonderful person as you in this whole process. We’d love to keep in touch from time to time.”
Nancy and Jay Meade, Married at MacArthur Place
David and I want to thank you so much for officiating our wedding. It was perfect. David and I loved how you wove in references from Gandhi, Mother Teresa and our own words to you. You seamlessly tied the two ceremonies together and provided meaning and structure to our wedding. We loved the way you brought the community into our exchange of vows because that is so much of what the wedding was about. You made our wedding unforgettable.
David & Anita, Ramekins Culinary Center, Sonoma
Thank you for your guidance prior, during and after the ceremony. You’ve made it one of a kind-just like we are. We’ve heard nothing but positive and kind words about the ceremony from our guests (and the historic community). I love that concept, and as we look through our wedding pictures I keep thinking of that notion. Thank you for the follow up calls and voicemails- we really appreciate your attention.
Alex & Mei-Ling, Cline Winery, Sonoma
Thank you so much for officiating at our wedding. When we first got engaged we both said-we want Peadar to marry us! You made us feel so at ease and made our day extra special. When we were starting to come up with a wedding date our first priority was finding a date that would work for you. We just wouldn’t have been happy if you couldn’t have been there.
Laurie & David, Meritage Wine Cave, Napa
Thank you from you bottom of our hearts for making our ceremony so perfect! We were so charmed by your brilliant & bubbly personality. Since we didn’t write our vows, we relied heavily on you. The personal touches you added were truly heartwarming. The ceremony was beautifully and eloquently spoken.
Janine & Claudio, Auberge du Soleil, Napa
Words cannot express how thankful we are for you and the beautiful wedding ceremony you created for us. People are still taking about how perfect, positive and full of love the ceremony was. We will always cherish the kind and meaningful words you spoke and the “forever” you helped us create.
Ashley & Brendan, Chalk Hill Winery, Healdsburg

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