Marriage Preparation Sessions

In addition to being an ordained Minister, Reverend Dalton is a licensed clinical family therapist. He facilitates couple workshops focusing on marriage preparation and marriage ‘tune-up’ sessions. Reverend Dalton offers a two-session counseling model that will help support the couple to stay connected in t his exciting but often stressful time planning a wedding.

Rev Dalton’s comfortable and confident style allows couples to discuss a range of areas that may relate to their upcoming wedding day and going forward as they develop a married life together. Questions and issues that can be covered may include:

  • Family dynamics, challenges and setting healthy boundaries with each other and blending families.
  • How to maintain friendship as the cornerstone in your marriage and keep your relationship alive!
  • Communication skills and choosing words that will lead to greater acceptance of character differences, point of views, and expressing feelings and not thoughts.
  • How to sustain the joy from your wedding day and keep your marriage and love growing.

Prior to your initial marriage preparation session, Rev. Dalton asks that you take some time together and consider the following questions and contribute your own thoughts and concerns:

  • What qualities of relationship, from your experiences with your respective families of origin, do you like and dislike and how are they impacting positively or negatively your personal relationship?
  • How are ordinary disagreements and conflicts resolved and accepted? Does the process of resolving the disputes contribute to closeness or separateness in your relationship?
  • How comfortable are you with touch and affection, and the expression of compliments in your every day relationship?
  • Are you each holding on to your sense of your independent self while at the same time being able to compromise and grow through merging your lives together?


Cost: $150.00 per 60-minute session