Baby Blessing Ceremony

The joy of a newly born child, the result of a couple that Rev Dalton has married, is news that he receives year after year with great joy and gratitude. In fact he writes a letter of blessing to the child once he becomes aware of the child’s birth.

Rev Dalton is frequently requested to facilitate a blessing or dedication ceremony for their son or daughter. This can happen either newly born or as a toddler.  Rev. Dalton does not conduct formal baptismal ceremonies. He believes a formal baptism needs to be celebrated within the family’s own particular Church. Your Ceremony Matters creates spiritual and meaningful “Welcome to the World Ceremonies.” 

We develop with you a ceremony that will welcome your child to your family and greater world community. We offer ideas to include a reading, rituals, scriptures and of course, your own input and family traditions. We encourage the active participation of the parents, grandparents, family and friends to bless their child. It’s really a ceremony of gratitude for the miracle of life.

Sacred Child:
Welcome To Our World
A fantastic world of hope and possibility. A world that you will touch intimately with your heart and your unique set of footprints. A heart and footprints formed and shaped by your Mom and Dad whom I had the privilege to marry.
Blessings and Congratulations.
Rev. Peadar Dalton, Your Ceremony Matters